In an industry where the word unique is often used, Katherine Alexander’s jewellery really is just that.  With globally sourced vintage jewellery set firmly into glossy Perspex® cuffs, no item is ever the same: each contrast-leather lined cuff involves a several stage process using techniques she’s developed over time to stunning 3-D effect with a luxury look and feel. Katherine began to work with acrylics in her early 20s, fascinated by its versatility.   She later discovered how beautifully aged glass and metals looked when set against slick, colourful acrylics. The glass gems used are simply not made today, with their special qualities of light play, texture and tones. Katherine is interested in what jewellery design, particularly vintage, says about the tastes and aspirations of its era: she quotes the Surrealist fantasy of Elsa Schiaparelli as an influence, who’s playful chic has a contemporary resonance.     These are heirloom pieces with design integrity, incorporating some of the best vintage fashion jewellery sourced globally.

Born in London and brought up in the US and Far East, Katherine started her fashion career as a PA at Harpers & Queen. She then went freelance as a stylist with editorial highlights that include i-D, Harpers Bazaar and the Sunday Times Magazine.  Switching to retail in 2003, she helped develop and buy for the former independent Notting Hill boutique, Yates Buchanan.  It was there that she started selling her work in-house to friends, fans and customers who loved the eclectic collar pieces and necklaces she made at the time. The cuffs followed soon after and have since been worn on the red carpet by Emma Watson for the most recent Harry Potter press premier and by Tulisa in Sheer magazine, Dec. 2012.   Rosamund Pike and Roisin Murphy also own her jewellery, namechecked on T4 by Made in Chelsea TV personality, Amber Atherton. Fashion gurus Natalie Massenet, Jane Bruton, Lisa Armstrong and Carmen Haid own her cuffs too. Other highlights include a campaign for Lexus cars with The Telegraph in June 2012, featuring their chosen ‘AMAZING 15’ creative talents to watch. There’s a capsule cuff collection that marked the London Olympic games for stockist using the Olympic ring colours as a reference, as well as some special handmade belts recently launched.

Katherine’s press includes Tatler, Bazaar (UK), Harpers Bazaar (UK, Spain, India and Mexico), Vogue India, Vogue Portugal, Grazia, In-Style, The Sunday Times, The Times, FT, Stella Magazine/The Telegraph, Sunday Express, WWB, Nylon Singapore, Super Super, Drama, Glass, Future Frock, Dare2,, and blogs,, Little Bird Tell, Loren J Love and The Pulse.